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Online courses for cancer patients and practioners covering therapy and recovery.


Wonderful products for people living with and after Lymphedema and Lymphatic Disease.

By Lisa Sylvestri, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Lymphology Association of North America

Online Learning

Strength After Breast Cancer Online Wellness Course

Strength After Breast Cancer

This is a structured, five week course to help you understand lymphedema risk, lymphedema management, and the safest and most effective way to begin an exercise program.

Starting a Lymphedema and Oncology Rehab Business

Starting a Lymphedema and Oncology Rehab business

This course outlines the information and steps that I utilized to start and grow my oncology rehab and lymphedema private practice. This is what I wish I would have had when getting started.

Starting a Lymphedema and Oncology Rehab Business Online Course

Swelling, Edema, and Lymphedema

This course is designed to provide the clinician with the knowledge of the normal function of the lymphatic system, impairments of this system and basic assessment and treatments for lymphatic dysfunction.

Developing Exercise Programs for Cancer Patients Online Course

Developing Exercise Programs for Cancer Patients

Develop appropriate treatment plans for patients who have survived cancer or have a cancer diagnosis, using the recommended exercise guidelines for cancer patients.

Helping Cancer Patients Manage Fatigue Online Course

Helping Cancer Patients Manage Fatigue

This course will help therapists better understand cancer-related fatigue and teach patients to effectively manage and reduce fatigue levels.

Valuable Resources

My two favorite websites for accurate lymphedema information are The National Lymphedema Network and The Lymphedema Education and Research Network.

HuggerPRIMA Post-Surgical and Lymphedema Compression Bra and Binder

The National Lymphedema Network

The National Lymphedema Network’s mission is to empower our community of lymphedema practitioners and patients by providing educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and interventional resources.

HuggerPRIMA Post-Surgical and Lymphedema Compression Bra and Binder

Lymphedema Education and Research Network

LE&RN's mission is to fight lymphatic diseases through education, research, and advocacy. We seek to accelerate the prevention, treatments and cures for lymphedema, lipedema, lymphatic anomalies, and the continuum of lymphatic diseases.


These are some of my personal favorites when it comes to lymphedema products and vendors. There is no one perfect product for everyone, so always speak to your medical team about what is best for you!These are affiliate links and commissions are earned with your purchases. Thank you for your support.

HuggerPRIMA Post-Surgical and Lymphedema Compression Bra and Binder


by Prairie WearPrima is perfect for lymphedema of the breast and chest wall. It offers more coverage and is my go-to choice for swelling.

HuggerPRIMA Post-Surgical and Lymphedema Compression Bra and Binder


by Prairie WearVida is a great option for a bit less coverage while utilizing the same amount of compression. It is great to wear around town.

PrairieWear compression bras for lymphedema


by Prairie WearSame great quality.
Every day wear.
Compression that hugs!

The Everviolet collection

Everviolet Collection

EvervioletFashion forward collection designing for women reclaiming their femininity. Soft, sexy and functional. Designed by Keira Kotler, breast cancer thriver.

AnaOno Collection

AnaOno Collection

AnaOnoBeautiful, soft fabrics are key to this collection designed for recovery and beyond. Gentle compression perfect for everyday. Designed by Dana Donofree, breast cancer thriver

Breast Swell Spot

Breast SwellSpot

SwellSpotTextured compression that is great for tough to manage swelling in the breast and chest wall. Fits perfectly inside your compression bra.

CZSalus compression leggings

CZSalus leggings

CZSalusAnother great micromassage option for patients with lymphedema and lipedema. More Styles available. Compression starts at 15-20mmHg.

Bioflect micromassage leggings

Bioflect leggings

BioflectMicromassage leggings with gentle compression. Different styles that are great for both lymphedema and lipedema. Approximately 15-20mmHg compression. Run small - so size up!

Rolyan Full Arm Glove

Rolyan full arm glove

by RolyanGentle compression for the full arm that may be useful as a secondary product.

Adjustable Wedge Pillow

Adjustable Wedge pillow - Amazon

AmazonAdjustable wedge pillow that is perfect for positioning and improving comport at home.

Inflatable Wedge Pillow

Inflatable Wedge Pillow - Amazon

AmazonPerfect for travel, you never have to compromise your elevation routine!

Adjustable Shoe

Adjustable Shoe

AmazonThis fully adjustable shoe works great over bandages without the look of a surgical shoe.

Assorted Free Weights

Assorted Free Weights - Amazon

AmazonAssorted weight sets, perfect for home use. No more excuses not to perform your Home Exercise Program!

Ankle weights

Ankle weights - Amazon

AmazonSoft ankle weights that are perfect for home use.

Webbed gloves

Webbed water gloves

AmazonThese webbed gloves are great for adding resistance to your pool program.

Assorted Free Weights

Eucerin - Amazon

AmazonEucerin is a great choice for an every day lotion. It is pH balanced to meet daily skin needs and is fragrance free. Different moisturizing and thickness levels offer choices for everyone.

Self Measuring tape

Self-measurement tape - Amazon

AmazonPerfect for home use when keeping track of girth. Easy to use independently and gives you consistent measurements over time.


Antibiotic ointment

AmazonAccidents happen! Make sure you treat any open area with an antibiotic cream to prevent infections. This is one option of many.

Ora Protein Powder

Ora Organic Products

Ora OrganicThis clean line of products has been tested for quality and potency and is my go-to brand for protein powder and greens.

Superfood Greens

Ora Organic Products

Ora OrganicThis clean line of products has been tested for quality and potency. Orange flavor makes it easy to get your daily dose of greens!

Electric Razor

Electric Razor

AmazonShaving with electric razors for patients with lymphedema and lipedema is very important. I love the small head attachment which can fit into asymmetric armpits following surgery!

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Awareness of the lymphatic system and lymphatic diseases has grown exponentially over the past few years due to the explosion of research and hard work by many professionals all over the world.This is an amazing leap forward for our profession and for the future of treatment. These findings influence the way therapists treat patients and the way patients choose treatments.With this growing awareness and popularity can come misinformation as well. The goal of this website is to keep patients and therapists informed by reporting and promoting research-backed, up to date information. My goal is for us all to be LymphSmart!Additionally, I offer educational opportunities, for patients and therapists, and links to some of my favorite products available.

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